Welcome to EZNews.com

EZNews is a powerful, full-featured TV News and Multi-Media News Production and Automation application.

These “Highly-Integrated” News Functions:
Scripting with Very Smart Instructions – 2-Column Scripting with 1-click Production Commands. “Real Time”
Show Building, Rundowns – Multiple and Customizable Rundowns, Interactive with Scripts and Prompter – Template based
On-Air Show Control – Live “All Info” Director View. Changes made in Scripts or in Rundown instantly update in the Prompter
Prompter (Industry’s Best) – Not a 3rd Party Product. Instantly reflects changes in Scripts or Rundowns. Counts down SOTs, PKGs
Auto Timing of Scripts & Shows – EZNews accurately calculates every show element. Instantly informs changes in “Light/Heavy” time
Planning & Management – Assignments, Scheduling of Resources, Contact Manager, Internal Messaging, and more
Archive Module – Store, Sort, Search, Retrieve, and Re-Use – Every Script, Every Rundown
Wires (RSS Feeds) – Integrates Wire Feed Data, RSS Feeds from Services, Networks, etc. Search, Sort, Retrieve

… These Production Device Interfaces:
Closed Captioning – Industry’s best. Requires no added effort for News Staff
Character Generator IF – API or MOS Interfaces – All Industry CGs, plus EZNews’s amazing “Take to Air” option (w/selected CGs)
Digital Video Playback IF – API or MOS Interfaces – Powerful and easy to use. Extent of capabilities dependent on particular DV
EZNews Automation (“Auto Take to Air”) – A Unique, Uncomplicated, and Efficient means to Automate at a fraction of the Cost of other solutions

… and the most effective, proven:
Installation – on your Server/Network (Performed Remotely)
On-Site Configuration and Set-up – Build Shows, Add Users, Script/Rundown/Prompter/Print and Screen Formatting
On-Site, ALL USER Training – Plus, EZNews Admin Training, IT and Engineering
100% Satisfaction Guarantee – Complete Readiness – We’re done when you tell us it’s right

… EZNews Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) – The most respected, most value-packed program in the business
Warranty of EZNews Software – Direct and Personalized, assuring it does what you need done
Support of EZNews Software – Person to Person – 24/7, Toll-Free Number, Remote PC Access
Updated (Free) Software – You will ALWAYS have our latest and greatest… Never be forced to upgrade at your cost, again


Automated Data Systems, the creator of EZNews, also offers two standalone products, EZPrompt and EZCaption. To see the individual products, check out our main page.