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Version 4.4

Updated: 24 Feb 2010

EZNewsAdmin has ten (10) menu selections defined across the top of the application. Each of these addresses one or more critical system functions or features.


Controls for Print and View settings, System Configuration and Licensing, Wire and Archive Indexing.


Set Tool bar and Status bar options for EZNewsAdmin.


Create and Manager EZNews User Accounts.


Create and Manage EZNews Shows.


Create and Manager Rundown formats, Time Display format, Rundown Headers/Footers, define Automation Columns, and define Miscellaneous Columns.


Configure Wire Categories, Wire Export defaults, Selector Codes, Remote Wires Database, and Arrange Wires. Also shows how to use Search Expressions.


Create and Manage Instructions, Import/Export Instructions, Instruction Shortcuts, Instruction Pool. Also can (optionally) manage Machine Types, Machine Macros, Machine Codes, and Machines for automation.

System Configuration

Configure various System-level settings (Rundown Colors, Security, Contacts, Home Wires, etc.)


Display Options for EZNewsAdmin.


About EZNewsAdmin, EZNewsAdmin Help (this Help utility), Version Check, and "Who Am I?". The Help menu also includes the Services Monitor, and provides System Administrators with the ability to release locked scripts, view system connections, and send 'Closing Messages' when the system is going down for maintenance or update/upgrade.

(Updated for EZNews Version 4.4.4)

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