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EZNews – 4.4 to 5.0.PDF (7 MB)

Describes some of the changes in features and functionality between versions 4.4 and 5.0. This document should be especially useful for existing EZNews clients looking to update their software.

Advantages.PDF (90 KB)
EZNews Advantages

Describes some of the advantages to be realized by choosing EZNews for your news and program production.

Automation.PDF (95.2 KB)
EZNews EZAutomation

Describes the EZNews EZAutomation system … one of the most powerful, flexible automation systems on the market … at any price.

EZNewsSelectedUsers.PDF (60.8 KB)
EZNews – Selected Users

Partial customer list. For further information, please contact

Features-Functions.PDF (81.2 KB)
EZNews Features and Functions

Provides a brief list of the major Features and Functions built into the EZNews system.

Technical.PDF (81.2 KB)
EZNews Technical Overview

Provides a brief overview of the technical requirements for your EZNews system.

UnivPBSUsers.PDF (87.9 KB)
University & PBS Users

Provides a list of some of the EZNews systems installed at Colleges, Universities, and Public Broadcasting facilities.

EZNewsVer44.PDF (226.3 KB)
EZNews Version 4.4

Brief list of key system updates in EZNews Version 4.4