Q:  What is EZNews? What does it do?
A:  EZNews is a Broadcast News Production, Prompting, and Automation system. EZNews is used extensively to produce News and Public Affairs programs at an ever-growing number of Colleges, Universities, Public Broadcasters, Radio and Television stations. With EZNews, journalists and students can … among other things … write scripts, produce broadcasts, prompt their scripts, archive their work, and control various types of broadcast production and control room equipment

Q:  Is EZNews a news service?
A:  No. EZNews is not a news content provider, and thus, is not a ‘service’.

Q:  If I subscribe to EZNews, what kinds of news services will I receive?
A:  You cannot subscribe to EZNews. EZNews is not a news content provider.

Q:  Does EZNews Interface with Wires (Wire Services)?
A:  Yes. EZNews has an optional interface (EZWire) that can receive data from virtually any news wire service. All EZWire requires is a standard serial interface, and data that is transmitted in the standard IPTC/ANPA format.

Q:  Does the EZNews EZWire Interface include news wire content?
A:  No. EZWire does not provide content … it is the customer’s responsibility to subscribe to the wire service (or services … EZWire can take a virtually unlimited number of inputs) they choose.

Q:  Can I use Microsoft Word to write scripts for EZNews?
A:  Yes and No. You can write scripts in Word (or virtually any other word processor) and cut and paste them into EZNews scripts. The EZNews Editor uses virtually all of the same keystrokes as Microsoft Word, so most users already know how to use the EZNews Editor. EZNews can export any script or group of scripts to Rich Text Files (RTF), which can be edited with Microsoft Word, Microsoft FrontPage, and a host of other word processors and web page editors.

Q:  Can EZNews be rented/leased, or do I have to purchase it?
A:  Yes. We offer software leasing and rental options (which include software support and updates). We also offer lease and lease/purchase options for computer hardware and networking components.

Q:  Can I run EZNews on my existing network?
A:  Most likely, the answer is Yes. EZNews is designed to run any standard network that supports TCP/IP (read: Internet) protocol.

Q:  Does EZNews require an Internet connection?
A:  No … but an Internet connection is desirable for support, software updates, and troubleshooting any problems which may be reported.

Q:  Will EZNews run on my existing computers?
A:  Most likely, the answer is Yes. EZNews is designed to run standard computers that use Microsoft Windows software. This includes all versions of Microsoft Windows since Windows ’98, up to an including Windows XP Professional. Though we do not recommend it, we even have a few systems with workstations running Windows ’95!

Q:  Can EZNews be supplied ‘Turn-Key’ with all computers, servers, etc.?
A:  Yes. ADS is an authorized Microsoft OEM and Re-seller. We stock a wide range of hardware components, and can do custom builds to suit customer requirements at competitive prices.

Q:  I have an existing dedicated prompter device manufactured by some other company. Will EZNews interface to it?
A:  Probably not … but there is no need to interface to other 3rd party prompter devices. The EZNews prompter (built on the technology we developed for EZPrompt … the industry’s #1 Selling stand-alone prompting software package) is integrated into every EZNews system. EZNews does not ‘dump’ or ‘download’ to a prompting appliance like many other systems, and the EZNews Prompter keeps the Producer (and everybody else!) up to date on the status of the show as it scrolls the text for your talent.

Q:  Since you don’t support my current prompter appliance, do I have to replace the monitors and mirrors on my studio prompters?
A:  Most likely, the answer is no. In most instances, the EZNews prompter can be easily interfaced to your existing prompter monitors with an inexpensive scan converter … we even carry a stock of these $130.00 devices to make sure customers have the right tools!

Q:  Will EZNews run on networks that are served by Linux or Unix Servers?
A:  Yes. Our Tech Support Department can provide full technical details if you elect to go this route.

Q:  How do you handle support?
A:  24 x 7. Call us any time, day or night. We even provide a toll-free number.

Q:  Does EZNews time scripts in my shows?
A:  Yes. EZNews not only times scripts in the show, it also times/back-times the Rundown and gives Producers an instant reading of the show’s timing (heavy or light). In addition, writers, reporters and producers can quickly and easily time blocks of text in the EZNews Editor.

Q:  Who installs EZNews on my network?
A:  Typically, someone at the customer location (Engineer, Computer Tech, etc.) actually does the installation. Unless by special arrangement (see below) we cannot (and should not be asked to) set policies for the customer’s network and computers, particularly for Enterprise-level systems like Universities, Colleges, and broadcast stations. There is no way for us to know the security, login, user management, etc. for a customer’s network and in most instances network administrators are (justifiably) unwilling to part with that information.

It has been our experience that problems during installation generally have nothing to do with EZNews, and typically point back to some fundamental network or server configuration issue (normally permissions and user management policies). Trouble-shooting issues which we have no ability to rectify is time-consuming, and short-changes system users because we can’t conduct training until the system is up and running on the customer network. It is far better for these issues to be resolved before our trainer arrives on-site.

We provide complete documentation, and make ourselves available via telephone in the event the person doing the installation has any questions or needs assistance.

There are three alternate arrangements under which ADS will fully configure the server

1. Purchase the server (hardware and software) from us ~ or ~

2. Ship the server to be utilized to ADS Technical Support (no additional charge other than actual shipping costs ~ or ~

3. Purchase network and server configuration services (daily rate plus travel, lodging, and expenses) for ADS to send a technician to customer’s location.

Q:  How does EZNews compare with systems from other vendors?
A:  This is the toughest question for us to answer. We believe in our product, and do our level best to give our customers the best value for the dollars they spend with us. The best way for a prospective customer to get a reading on this question is to talk to us, evaluate the software (have us visit your location for an on-site demo or visit us at one of the many annual conventions and trade shows we exhibit at), and talk to our current customers!