Software Maintenance Agreement

Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) Program
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Your EZNews Software will be up to date for years to come!

EZNews includes the industry’s most comprehensive, most client-friendly, most affordable Software Maintenance program.

This program is not offered as an option or an extension of the EZNews Newsroom System. The annual SMA payment is the only way to obtain software support or updates. Automated Data Systems of Wisconsin (ADS) does not offer support or updates on a per-incident or hourly basis.

Under this program, ADS shall provide EZNews software support and software updates during all periods in which the client is current with SMA billings. Software support and updates are provided via telephone, email, and direct connection to the client’s system via the Internet.

The first year of the EZNews SMA program is factored into the initial cost of the software.

Unless the client elects to pre-pay SMA in advance, starting with the second year, and for each year thereafter, an annual charge to the client will be invoiced at a rate equal to a percentage of the list price (at the time of the initial purchase) of the software by the client. Both the initial rate and % rate multiplier are spelled out in the final proposal that was accepted by the client prior to initial installation.

If, after the initial installation, the client wishes to purchase additional EZNews software or components, the cost for the SMA will be adjusted based on the list price of the additional software or components and the rate (% multiplier) in effect at the time.

Chargeable years begin on the first anniversary of the initial EZNews installation.

Payment for SMA is due on the first day of that year, and on that date in subsequent years.